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Dual enrollment


dual credits

Our partnership with Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College allows you to enroll for dual credits, giving you a head start both in high school and college!


Concurrent Enrollment

The Grossmont/Cuyamaca Community College District will provide opportunities for students to enroll in courses at Grossmont College or Cuyamaca College while they are enrolled in high school. Permission from the high school administrator and parental approval must be obtained prior to filing an Application for Admission.

Eligibility of Students

To be eligible for concurrent enrollment, students:

  1. Must have completed the tenth grade and be at least 14 years of age at the opening day of the session of attendance.

  2. Must be currently enrolled in high school.

  3. Must be determined by the high school principal (or designee) to have the ability to benefit from "advanced scholastic or vocational work."

  4. Have written parental approval prior to filing a college Application for Admission.

Step 1:

Click the link below for Grossmont College. It will link you to their webpage with more details for concurrent enrollment rules and regulations.

Step 2.

Complete the steps for applying and enrolling for classes through Grossmont-Cuyamaca.

Step 3.

Fill out the High School/College Credit Enrollment Authorization form below and get it signed by your high school academic advisor.

Step 4.

Once you received the approval, register for the course.

dual enrollment instructions

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