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This can be an overwhelming process. Stay organized, pay attention to deadlines, and be wise with tools like the COMMON APP, FAFSA, and the CA PROMISE PROGRAM.

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college applications

College Applications vary in requirements. Many schools have a COMMON APPLICATION that is the same for multiple schools. Below are the links to CSU, UC, and the common application. Use your SchooLinks account to track favorites and due dates as well as request letters of recommendation from your teachers or other staff members. 

CSU Deadline: EXTENDED to December 15!


UC Deadline: EXTENDED to December 15!


Common App Deadline: dates vary depending on

your school of choice!


Screen Shot 2020-12-18 at 11.14.42



Graduates/residents from San Diego high schools will receive 2 years of FREE education at the community colleges listed above.

california promise program

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